Ready to take on a new project, but lacking the technical resources to make it happen? Enter ProleadTeams, the solution to all your development needs!



We work with you to determine your exact business needs, and provide you with a team of long term, qualified engineers ready to tackle your next project.



An in house team of developers is costly, but hiring a virtual team affords you a much more practical solution to development. We take the mystery out of the hiring process, and performance reviews keep the team productive, ensuring you a higher ROI.


About Us

The braintrust behind ProleadTeams brings a collective 25 years of experience developing software and applications for startups and Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. We provide solution services for companies of every size, from small, to global leaders in industries like Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, and Aerospace.


Experience has shown us that in the world of technology, hiring a full-time team of qualified engineers can be both difficult and costly. With ProleadTeams, we aim to revolutionize the way companies source talent: By allowing you to select a longterm, dedicated team of highly skilled engineers and designers from our talent pool, to work on your next project.


Best of all, no matter where your company is located, our Virtual Teams will integrate with your existing structure to provide you with the technical wizardry needed to accomplish your goals. Plus, we handle the entire HR and on-boarding process, so your new team hits the ground running. When your company needs a helping hand, look no further than ProleadTeams to deliver your own personal dream team!


Imran Alavi


Zack Jaber


Why US

ProleadTeams provides top of the line, dedicated engineers that can be integrated seamlessly within your organization. Monthly performance reviews ensure that projects get done on schedule and always with the highest quality work. Regular client feedback and other incentives keep the team operating at peak performance.


Our commitments to our ProleadTeams clients:


  • We respond to client inquiries within 1 business day
  • We provide team management and ensure that the team is always performing at their full potential by implementing regular 360 performance reviews and other policies
  • We guarantee that the software our teams design and develop will be enterprise grade, responsive and will work well on all required devices
  • We guarantee that we will provide reliable, trustworthy and exceptional customer support
  • We offer a try before you buy approach for select clients, ensuring our resources are a great fit for your team in terms of quality, reliability, speed and communication
  • We arm our teams with in house experts that can work on specific parts of the project life cycle such as regression testing, scalability, security etc.
  • We follow security protocols to ensure that all the work is secure and confidential
  • We vet our engineers through a multi-step process
  • We provide team members well versed in tools like Slack, Asana and Jira, ensuring transparency of work and team synchronization
  • We take care of all the HR and hiring for you, so you can focus on your core business
  • We always work on YOUR schedule and time-zones


With a shortage of qualified candidates, keeping a full time team of engineers can be extremely costly. Whether your company is taking on a big new client, or looking to cut costs while remaining competitive, contracting a virtual team can be the perfect solution for you.

We make it easy to get started by taking care of the entire HR and onboarding process, integrating your Virtual Team seamlessly into your business. We provide monthly performance reviews to keep the team functioning at its highest level.

We work directly with you to identify your business requirements, then allow you to source your team from our pool of vetted engineers to find the perfect match. A technical lead then serves as your liaison between you and your new virtual team.

ProleadTeams can source talent to handle application development, maintenance and support services. Whether you’re developing something big or small, our engineers work long term on your project until you are 100% satisfied with the product.

Case Studies

GreenView / Livable

The folks at Greenview came to us looking for a complete overhaul of their existing system, as they reintroduced the product under its new name, Livable. We provided a complete team of engineers, who spearheaded the redesign.

Nofomo and the DJ list

When Nofomo and The DJ List needed to join forces, they looked to ProleadTeams to supply them with top level talent. The team we assembled was able to integrate and revamp two existing products, at a 60% cost reduction.


Our friends at Chemistify needed a team to create a very industry specific product, built from the ground up. It also had to carry out of a precise set of functions, while still being customizable to each of their clients. So that’s exactly what we did!


Our team has helped achieve success for different clients, big and small. Here’s just some of the clients we’ve served.


Like what you see? Drop us a line! We’re excited to show you how ProleadTeams can help your business. We respond to all inquiries within 1 business day, so fill in the contact form and let’s get to work! We won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied!