Nofomo/DJ List

Nofomo makes everything related to DJ events easier – from purchases to coordinating your friends to getting there via Uber.


The DJ List has brought you the best and most complete coverage of all your favorite DJs since 1997. If you’re looking for somewhere to go or something to listen to, we’ve got everything you can imagine listed and ranked: Event Listings, Local Events, Full DJ Lineups, Latest News, DJ Profiles, Music, Videos and more.

Lack of integration between Nofomo and The DJ List, high development costs due to multiple technologies being used and buggy system.
ProleadTeams sourced a Senior Technical lead, along with 2 Software Engineers, who created new iOS and Android apps, seamlessly integrating The DJ List into the Nofomo apps(s).
Optimized Android and iOS applications, added new features and bridged multiple technologies being used. Saved costs with high efficiency and on-time delivery.

“ProleadTeams has been fantastic for us. Their full-time dev resources have been very high quality and reliable. We’re up to 3 devs through them and are looking to add another. Thanks for making a huge difference in our business.”

Gerald Dennig

Owner | Nofomo, The DJ List